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caneboxes caneboxes caneboxes Little tiny boxes made of cane slices. These are very simple to make, though what they're good for, I really don't know. *g* They're only big enough for a wish...

One of the coolest "Natasha" beads I've made. Mostly translucent, with some glitter.
natasha bead
all polymer box Made using one of Mike Buesseler's discoveries about the metallic clays. I think it looks like a string of pearls when you first cut it. Very tedious, and not my usual way of working. The top still needs redoing, but, what a chore! Ack! I have a new admiration for people who do such meticulous work. Haven't decided how to finish it, yet. Something to do with a "roads" theme.... detail of lid
This poor little fairy was just doomed...
anything that could go wrong, did. When a final repair caused her to break further, I finally threw her away, figuring she must be jinxed. *g* I saved the treetrunk and moss base, and keep thinking I'll make another fairy this small.



This figure is the best piece of work I've ever done.

It didn't feel like work, at the time.

She has been wanting to be made for a long time, and when I finally sat down to it, she seemed to appear of her own volition.

She comes from healing. She comes from mind-shattering grief. She comes from a certain dress bought on a last shopping trip with my sister and chrysanthemums and Judy Collins' song, "Singing Lessons." She comes from many things, but mostly she comes from healing and the grace of being grateful.

More figures are wanting to be made, so time will tell....

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